Matrix 1.0-ready Federation

Of all servers visible from, this is the percentage which have correct valid TLS certificates.

Synapse 1.0 will support only the r0 release of the Server to Server spec as used in the upcoming Matrix 1.0 standard. As a result it will not federate with Homeservers using self-signed certificates. It is essential that all homeserver admins configure their certificate prior to the release! For more information and a guide to configuring your certificates, take a look at our handy guide.

We expect to launch Synapse 1.0 in April. We do not have a hard date because it depends on how fast people upgrade! Note that it's not necessary for this number to reach 100% before the launch of Synapse 1.0, but after that time, any servers which do not have valid certificates will not be able to federate.

Last Updated 2019-05-02T10:30:46.016Z